Born on September 14, 1958. MD, professor at the University of Parma, professor at IMAR VIP CLINIK. Nurlan comes from the village of Achisai, South Kazakhstan region. This village determined the fate of his father, Nurumov Marat Yazkazievich, who wrote over 100 scientific works as a mining engineer.


Parents always wanted to see a hereditary mining engineer in Nurlan, but from school, the young man was attracted to medicine. After leaving school, contrary to his parents, he entered the AlmaAta State Medical Institute at the Department of Surgery. Having successfully graduated from a medical institute, he began to work as a surgeon in the Kazakh Research Institute of Surgery.


A young surgeon who takes the initiative is sent to specialization, first in 1984 in Kharkov, and then in 1986 in Moscow. By 1989, Nurlan was writing more than 15 scientific papers. And as a promising young specialist, he was included in the group for the exchange of experience from the Soviet Union with Italy, in the hospital of the city of Sondrio, where Nurlan performed heart operations.


Highly professional skills, intellectual potential of a young Kazakh specialist was noticed by the medical elite of Italy. In late 1991, Nurumov Nurlan was recommended for an audience with Pope John Paul II, who spoke about the meaning of the Kazakh name Nur (light) and advised him to treat people with light and water. In 1993 he received the title of professor at the Votta Clinic of the University of Parma. 

Remembering the words of John Paul II, Nurlan leaves for the Czech Republic, in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, where he begins to engage in water and spa medicine. With the Italian company IMAR VIP CLINIK opens aesthetic medicine centers in Germany, Italy, Russia, Mongolia, Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.


Being in these countries, Nurlan studies the folk treatises of doctors and philosophers, as well as Arab and Chinese monks and European healers. He is convinced that the views on nature, herbs, space and other things are so deep that it is possible and necessary today to use their knowledge for all the afflicted and sick, for young and old people who want to strengthen their health and prolong their life and youth.


In 2005, Nurlan defended his doctoral dissertation in the city of Moscow (Russia). He made a small hajj to the city of Turkestan, he continues to live an active creative life, unites his friends, gathering a group of producers: they created a unique PavloffSpring concentrate of 189 herbs from 5 continents of the world that passed preclinical and clinical trials, as well as the only producer in Kazakhstan freshly squeezed natural juices.


Nurlan Maratovich creates a new technology for the preparation of fitovody, balms and elixirs using concentrated sunlight. This technology is aimed at creating new natural products that will help make a person healthy, extend his life, and therefore make him happy.


A prediction came true! Maybe that's why, possessing the blessing of Pope John Paul II and the secrets of Kazakh folk wisdom Nurlan Maratovich, he risked putting on the surgeon’s career, his well-being and giving people the golden nectar of health and longevity!

State registration: city and city departments of justice of Almaty 29/11 / 2010.
certificate No. 107012-1910-TOO

Ownership: private
Legal status: Partnership with Limited liability, Legal address: Almaty, st. Ostroumova house-22-zh., Tel: +7 (727) 385-70-52
Director of the enterprise: Shakenov Dias Pavlovich
Scientific adviser: Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Professor IMAR VIP CLINIC (Italy) Nurumov Nurlan Maratovich.
Project Manager: Pavel Peshchersky
+7 701 744 2351
Business Description: production of concentrate,
as well as carbonated and non-carbonated drinks with
subsequent sale to their population.

SPA-SKY PRODUCTION LLP (Exclusive distribution rights belong to Global Trend Company) was created with the goal of producing and selling drinks based on a unique concentrate with the healing effect of SPA-SKY. It has its own trademark, license and a working shop for the production and bottling of beverages. The company's management has experience in implementing similar projects for 11 years. In January 2007, based on the most advanced discoveries and developments of scientists from Austria, England, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, the USA, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan, SPA-SKY concentrate was created in Kazakhstan for the production of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. In the period from January to June 2007, the most prominent research institutes of Kazakhstan, namely: - Specialized Laboratory of the Department of Balneology Research Institute "Cardiology and Internal Medicine" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan; - Research Institute "Problems of Ecology" and "Center for Biophysical Ecology" Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi - studies were conducted according to which the drink created using the SPA-SKY concentrate has unique properties. - On May 30, 2011, the Ministry of Justice granted patent No. 67974 stating that water based on the SPA-SKY concentrate is “Treatment-and-prophylactic water for correcting cholesterol levels in the blood”. - In October 2015, INSTITUT ROMEIS (Germany) conducted studies on the SPA-SKY concentrate, which refers to the highest category of mineral waters. In April 2016, our water was supplied to the PRC (Xinjiang - Uyghur Autonomous Region). The Sanitary and Quarantine Service of China conducted research on SPASKY water, obtained results that meet the standards, and our water was included in the State Register of Imported Products for sale in China. - The SPA-SKY PRODUCTION company in the fourth quarter of 2018 plans to start bottling water at enterprises of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic with its further sale in the markets of Europe, the Middle East (UAE, etc.). - Currently, the issue of a project to enrich desalinated water with plant concentrate is being considered. Joint scientific research (RK: Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Research Center for the Protection of Maternal and Child Health, LLP International Institute of Gerontology, Kazakh Academy of Nutrition; RF: Research Institute of Therapies, Research Institute of Genetics RAS) allowing to prove that desalinated seawater enriched with plant concentrate has new beneficial properties that can improve the quality of life of the population. With a positive result of research, great prospects open up. This product can be offered for implementation on ships of the Civil and Navy, desalination stations in the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, Algeria, etc., as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. The company's management is currently negotiating with manufacturers of mineral waters in the United States to organize production and sales in the United States.

The legacy of the ancestors for the health of the descendants of the Nano Product Based on the recipes of the ancients, scientists compiled and selected compositions from various herbs, plants and other components, developing methods for their fermentation, isolating from them the energy-information matrix - the healing power of mother nature. As a result of many years of efforts at the beginning of the 21st century, scientists in Kazakhstan managed to create a drug called “Saki Coenzyme”, which includes 189 components! At the moment, with the modernization of unique extraction technology and equipment, the extraction of nutrients is possible up to 80% and therefore Pavlov Spring is the next generation of plant concentrate with greater extraction. It is based on recipes of ancient healers from famous and rare herbs and plants collected in ecologically clean corners of the planet, prepared using unique nanotechnology, structured by the music of the great Kurmangazy and charged with concentrated sunlight. Pavlov Spring has an organic ubiquinone Q-10, which does not break down for years and gives energy to the cell, allowing it to live tens of times longer, without side effects, and also improves all biochemical, hormonal and enzymatic processes. This is evidenced by many conclusions received from various laboratories in the world of Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, and Germany.

Unique production “FOR QUALITY LIFE” “Pavlov Spring”: it is an elixir of 189 components, which in the form of nanoclusters delivers energy-information impulse to each cell through the blood and lymph flow, which contributes to the launch of self-regulation and harmonization of all body systems! And taking into account the fact that the elixir is charged with cuys of the great Kurmangazy and processed with quanta of concentrated sunlight, it works at all levels (cleaning, building material, team, i.e. the nerve impulse arrives on time) restores the body at the information and energy levels. Pavlov Spring helps launch the Active Health Building System and creates the conditions for the proper functioning of cells, and therefore of all organs. Along with a powerful therapeutic effect, nurenzyme has another unique property: with its regular use, a person gradually switches to natural energy supply from the biosphere. Prolonged use of Pavlov Spring provides rejuvenation of all organs and tissues. There are NO analogues in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries. As well as doubts that our scientists managed to create a miraculous elixir, which was mentioned in the prophecy and mentioned in the Chinese treatise.

The uniqueness of the drug also lies in the fact that when it is taken, it goes directly to those organs for which it is intended. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment up to 90% and reduces the risk of re-illness. The research results showed that Pavlov Spring plays an important role in the following processes:

  • slowing down the aging process;
  • reduction in hypoxic damage (tissue damage caused by lack of oxygen) due to stroke, heart attack, or chronic lack of blood circulation;
  • faster healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • normalization of high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, tonsillitis and congestive heart failure;
  • elimination of allergic conditions of any nature;
  • help with candidiasis, multiple sclerosis and diabetes;
  • assistance with asthma and respiratory diseases, in the treatment of mental disorders, in particular, associated with schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • counteracting the highly toxic effects on the heart of traditional anti-cancer drugs (should be taken during cancer treatment);
  • gum and tooth protection;
  • improves brain function;
  • energy generation and increased exercise tolerance;
  • help with ear pathology;
  • increasing the efficiency of energy production at the cellular level, which contributes to weight loss;

«Pavlov Spring» Proven Benefits

Listening to the latest news about food and nutritional supplements, you begin to believe that they are capable of anything: from increasing attention and concentration to improving memory and brain function. But are they so effective? There is no point in denying that as we age from a chronological point of view, our body ages with us. But there is good news. We can increase our chances of maintaining the health of our brain if we start using “smart” foods and drinks developed by specialists of the SPASKY group of companies. Unique formula. The unique composition of the entire product line allows us to cover a wide range of diseases that have plagued mankind for hundreds of years and help to cope. with them. The unique formula allows you to improve the quality and duration of active longevity with the help of the innovative development of Kazakhstan scientists "Pavlov Spring" Rich in antioxidants A completely new innovative product, which is a complex of natural antioxidants (corresponding to the action of ubiquinone Coenzyme Q-10). And also endogenous compounds: α-Tocopherol (vitamin E), β-carotene (provitamin A), retinol (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), reduced glutathione (tationion), α-lipoic acid (thioctacid), carnosine. All these are not synthetic natural antioxidants that actively prevent the oxidative chain processes of the body. Find balance Pavlov Spring is an active self-regulation of the body's immune system. self-regulation, the ability of an open system to maintain the constancy of its internal state through coordinated reactions aimed at maintaining dynamic equilibrium. The desire of the system to reproduce itself, to restore the lost balance, to overcome the resistance of the external environment. Improved immunity Since immunity is a whole system that is influenced by a huge number of factors, it is possible to increase immunity by strengthening the whole organism. If we follow all the recommendations given on this site, we can easily increase our immunity. And increasing immunity - significantly extend your life! A strong immune system is the key to excellent health. It can cope with food poisoning and allergies, and also slows down the aging process. 100% natural. All products are made only from natural and proven components. The company's products have all permits. Recommended by the International Institute of Gerontology. Unique products, which include 189 components: of which only 40 algae, 4 species of Ginseng (including "red Korean") and herbs collected from five continents of our planet. The composition also includes natural natural ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q-10), which does not deteriorate in daylight and does not lose its qualities when exposed to high temperature.