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How to avoid exacerbation and drink properly.

Nano-balms should always be taken in pairs: first PERFECTO LUX, then VITALITY LUX.
Nano-balms are taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
1. First, drink 1 cup of warm water.
15 minutes, a break.
2. After 15 minutes, drops under the tongue, 1 drop of PERFECTO LUX balm and 5 minutes to keep in your mouth, then swallow.
15 minutes, a break.
3. Then drip 1 drop of VITALITY LUX balm under the tongue, which
Hold in your mouth for 5 minutes and swallow it.
15 minutes, a break.
You can have breakfast 15 minutes after taking the balms.
If you feel good, the next day you should drip 2 drops under the tongue.
So increase the number of drops to 1.5-2 ml of each nano-balm.
Important! Balms should not be in contact with metal. Use only plastic, glass or wooden utensils. Upon contact with metals, the natural product is oxidized.
After opening, store the vials in the refrigerator or in a cool place.
Important! Every day, before 5 p.m., drink 6-10 glasses of warm water.
Recommended-keep a diary